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Bryansk local theater

We heartily invite everyone to answer these questions or perhaps some of them which are more to your liking.
For us to see what theater means in the life of the people all over the world.

(the questions are composed of the students from Team 2 – group303).

1) Are you a theater-goer? If so what attracts you in this kind of art?
2) How often do you go to the theater? (a year, a month)
3) Does theater play any role in your life?
4) Why do many people consider theater a tedious thing?
5) What can make theater as popular as movies?
6) Does theater have any advantages as compared to movies?
7) Is theater necessary in our life?
8) What types of plays do you like?
9) Do young people in your country go to the theater in their free time?
10) Nowadays they stage very many musicals. How do you find this tendency?
11) What are the famous theaters in your country?
12) Do you know anything from theater history? Any honoured actors etc?
13) If you don’t like theater is there anything that could make you go there?

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Part 1

Theater History
(Maxim Jackubowski, Olga Muraeva)

The Globe Theater
(Marina Shelkunova, Tatiana Khokhlova)

The Bolshoi Theater
(Natalie Mamochkina, Ann Lapick)

The Mariinski Theater
(Alex Vinokurov)

Avant-garde theaters
(Irina Androsova, Olga Kukarenko, Helen Kovaleva)

Musicals. Notre Dame
(Sveta Shashkina)

“Faces” of theater:
The British most famous actors (Christina Babenko)
O.Menshikov (Kate Kapitanova)

Public Opinion Poll
“We and Theater”

Part 2


D.Parker “Men”
(Ann Lapick)

E.Bronte “Hope”
(Sveta Shashkina)

E.Bronte “Sympathy”
(Olya Muraeva)

W.Shakespeare “Sonnet CIV”
(Natalie Mamochkina)

(Nastya Podolnaya)

Part 3


B.Shaw “Pygmalion”
The cast:

Kate Nosikova
Ira Makarkina
Marina Shelkunova
Kate Zhuk
Eugeny Fetisov
Maxim Jakubowski
Alex Vinokurov