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Now that we had our final class "Theater Talk" yesterday, December 15 2007, why not share our comments?!

I think noone will deny that the class was successful and everybody's performance was simply magnificent.
My thanks to everybody!
Not only were you perfectly ready but also, as the phrase learnt by you says, you "showed the marvels of artistic transformation" - you did good job as the students who learnt the material, you did some creative job and you performed well as actors.
And this class also helped us to get a little glimpse into one another's souls - and that is very important in the work of teachers and students.

So, you are welcome, you can post your comments here.

Our final class devoted to the theatre impressed me greatly! I learned a lot of new facts from the presentations devoted to the history of the theatre, to famous Russian theatres, to Globe theatre and avant-guard theatres.Though I’m not a theatre-goer, after this class I decided that if I had an opportunity I would visit all these famous theatres.
I think, Kate’s presentation devoted to Oleg Menshikov was very emotional and she made all of us interested in him as he is a charismatic personality and outstanding Russian actor. Though I’m not a fan of this actor, I also admire him and thanks to Kate’s presentation I learned a lot of new about Oleg Menshikov.
I really enjoyed watching our version of “Pygmalion” and I think all actors created true-to-life images, but Eugene as Higgins outshone everybody else.
This class left a deep and lasting impression on me.
Sveta Shashkina

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Maxim Jakubovski комментирует...

The series of presenations concerning theatre made me see how enormous the importance of theatre in our life is. I'm not going to point out any particular presentation as the best one because all of them were marvellously done. But the one which appeals to me most is that concerning Oleg Menshikov. Generally speaking, I've always enjoed his perfect acting in films but the way Kate presented him aroused admiration and interest in me to his personality. Indeed, her presentaion is hard to overvalue.
As to the performance, it was magnificently staged. All the actors grew into their parts so much that the audience was kept enthralled by it. I wonder what Bernard Shaw would have said, had he seen it.:)

Maxim Jakubovski комментирует...

I found out many interesting facts about theatre. Not only about theatre in general but also its history & some particular theatres(The Bolshoi Thetre, The Mariinsky Theatre, The Globe Thetre). But in my opinion, the most intersting & praiseworthy presentation was about Oleg Menshikov. Not only did Kate manage to present this actor briliantly, but also to arouse the audience's keen interest in his personality.
One of the most significant parts of our final class was the stage version of "Pigmalion" in which I myself took part. Though the role was not leading without this part the whole would have been deficient.

Alexander Vinokurov

svetula комментирует...

All the presentations left a deep and lasting impression on me. All of them were imformative and interesting, but some of them took much time to my mind.
The most emotional presentation was Kate’s one. It is beyond any description.
But the most unforgettable thing was the “stage adaptation” of “Pygmalion”. All the actors created true-to-life images, but Eugene outshone everybody else.
Mamochkina Natasha

I was impressed by “The Day of Theatre”. I think that all the presentations were great. Most of all I like the presentation about the Bolshoy Theatre. I learned more about the history of it and about its actors.
The stage version of the play “Pygmalion” was very impressive. Evgeniy Fetisow played the main part and he made true-to-life image of Higgins. I enjoyed the play very much.
Muraeva Olga

Kate комментирует...

I think that our final class was simply marvellous. I learnt a lot of new facts about theatre and it's history from the presentations. I should say all of them were perfect, especially that by Kate Kapitanova. She was so emotional and interested in what she was talking about, that I was completely carried away by her presentation.
Speaking about our performance, I'd like to say it difficult to judge your own work but in my opinion we managed to do it (taking into consideration that fact that we had had only few rehearsals:-)). My favourite scene was that with Mrs.Higgins and her son Henry, Kate and Eugene topped their parts.
Now I'm looking forward to our next final class. It's a good way to diversify our usual way of the studies. Thank you really, Elena Mikhailovna, it's all due to your ideas.
Kate Nosikova

Elena Nikolaenko комментирует...


The lesson we had the previous Saturday was of real educational value. All the presentations were very informative and remarkable. It was really interesting to find out a lot of new information about the history of theater, its origin, the Bolshoi theater, the Mariinsky Theater, the French Musical "Notre Dane de Paris" and of course about actors and actresses who devoted their lives to the theater and cinema.

I liked the idea of reciting poems. The poem by James Joyce didn't leave me cold. I'm interested in his works and was glad to hear a poem by his. Besides I like reading poems by English as well as Russian poets for my pleasure.

I think the scene from the play "Pygmalion" by B.Shaw proved a geat draw. The "actors" played superbly and impressed the audience, there is no doubt about that.

I would like to have such lessons as often as possible because they help us not only to learn some new and up-to-date information but also to refresh expressions and words we've learn in the mind.
It's a good way to do so.

Elena Nikolaenko комментирует...



The last lesson which was devoted to the history of the theatre & the role of the theatre in our life had a great success. I can speak only for myself and for me – this was the BEST lesson I have ever had.
And thanks to the students! They did their best to entertain the audience! They showed gripping presentations, told the public about their favourite actors & actresses, recited poems.
I also took part in it! I tried to create a true-to-life image of Higgins.
Do you remember him? Of course, He is the main character in «Pygmalion» by B. Show. And I think I DID it! We ALL DID it! We kept the audience on their tiptoes, they followed us with great pleasure, they were completely carried away by the acting, they were spellbound!

Elena Nikolaenko комментирует...



Last Saturday we had an opportunity to go to the central library to show our presentations on the theme "Thater". The presentations were well-made but most of all I liked the presentation about "Notre Dame de Paris". Firstly, as at my 15 I watched this musical at school when we studied thecreative work of Victor Hugo. It was a well-staged play so I was completely carried away by the acting. It was the best musical I'd ever seen. So now it's my dream to see it again.

All in all, all the presentations deserve to be estimated at the true worth.

Then just at the end of our so called creative night a scene from the play "Pygmalion" by Bernard Show was made. Our "actors" were cast to advantage and played their parts excellently.

In my opinion such creative work should be made quite often because it gives us a chance not only to know the vocabulary better but to use the words while giving a presentation. Besides due to such work we get much useful information on the topic we've studied.

Elena Nikolaenko комментирует...

Dear everyone!

Thank you for your comments!

Yes, we have much to learn yet - how to make your presentations better from the point of view of time-limit:) and the way the public should be addressed. How to recite poems with due intonation, stresses, etc
But it is all a matter of practice and the more we practise the better are the results.
At this very stage the work was done very well!